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4Developers is an interdisciplinary festival for developers that consists of diverse tracks led in small groups. The idea of the event is to create a space that promotes the activity of specialists - the exchange of knowledge and experiences of IT community. However, 4Developers is so much more than just lectures. It is also a great opportunity to step outside the lecture zone and meet with world class specialists and enthusiasts of the IT world in a relaxed atmosphere.


What is the source of 4Developers uniqueness?

Foundations, on which we build and improve 4Developers are: idea, interdisciplinarity, activity and community.

Those qualities meet and mingle with each other, creating the unique character of the event.

The idea of 4Developers is described by our motto - Make IT grow! The event from a conference into a complex technological festival. 4Developers is constantly evolving - offers the specialists a wide range of advanced, technical theme tracks and at the same time provides a space for free exchange of experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. We want the Polish technological community to develop as resiliently as the new technology.

Interdisciplinarity is a purpose that we constantly implement. Our multifaceted tracks deal with a number of subjects, which answer the most recent needs of software industry. The event gathers the representatives of various IT sectors.

Activity is the joint creation of the event - 4Developers is made by you and for you. The attendees are the source of inspiration and help us build valuable theme tracks. We invite all the specialists to submit their ideas for lectures through Call for Papers.

Community is the core of 4Developers - when we create the festival, we focus on building a platform for networking, exchange of knowledge and experiences from various IT sectors. It’s a place where both experts and amateurs, professionals and enthusiasts, can meet.


4Developers is a technological festival for developers, architects, testers, coders, team leaders, managers and students related to IT. It is designed for everyone involved with technology industry, both professional and amateur. We want 4Developers to be a platform - a meeting place for the technological community.


4Developers evolved from a conference divided into four distinct tracks into a revolutionary technological festival, which offers lectures in over a dozen IT fields and a wide range of entertainment that go beyond the lecture hall, promote the activity and exchange of knowledge in unique atmosphere. The attendees can boost their knowledge in both traditional and innovative subjects from the IT industry, create revolutionary solutions while networking, meet fantastic people and lead long discussions behind the scenes. Check the list of our tracks.


The idea of the festival is based on supporting the development of Polish technological community so that it grows as resiliently as the new technology. Interdisciplinarity results from the variety of subjects and gives the attendees access to complex knowledge from different fields of IT. Activity stresses the importance of exchange of knowledge and the actual influence of the attendees on the event. Yet, the most important is the community and buliding a space that promotes sharing experiences and causes creative interaction of amateurs and experts from technological industry.


The last edition of 4Developers gathered nearly 900 Polish and foreign IT industry representatives. We owe this success to the implementation of our principles. That’s why we’re planning to constantly develop our festival so that it deals with the most recent and valuable subjects.


On April 11th, 2016 we’ll meet in Warsaw. You can expect substantive discussions not only about the technical issues, but also about soft skills. We count on your help with the content of the festival. Call for Papers is on - we encourage all experts to propose their ideas for lectures! We also invite mentors and representatives of IT specialists’ groups to cooperate with us and create their own tracks.


Our goal is to create an event for everyone - not only for professionals, but also for students. That’s why we really want to maintain the minimal entry fee. Join us as a partner and help us achieve it!


Make IT grow!