Workshops - get practical knowledge straight from the experts!

06 April

We all know that lectures are a great source of knowledge, but there’s nothing better than activity, exchange of ideas and cooperation in small groups. That’s why we’ve preapred workshops for you!

To take part, you need to register first. Don’t wait - there are only 20 free spots on each workshop!

Do you want to know what is Ruby on Rails, why the biggest startup in the world use it ad how to bulid an app in RoR? You’ll find all of this information at “Introduction to Ruby on Rails” led by Jakub Jatczak and Michał Brodecki.

You don’t know how to tell your teammate that the quality of his code is not the best or to praise him for the accuracy of tests without making it too “weird”? All of your doubts will be dispelled by Izabela Woźniak i Michał Nowostawski during the workshop: “Feedback - effective communication”.


You can register here:

Introduction to Ruby on Rails

Feedback - effective communication