Backend-less Development revisited

"It's obvious that SPA interfaces rely on RESTful APIs". But does it have to be like this always? Tight-coupling between interfaces and APIs result in great development issues. Backend-less development is an emerging approach of decoupling the two sides, enabling them to be developed independently. The costs and the benefits of mocking the entire API. The three possible architectural approaches in doing so. Simulating business logic in mocks using plain JavaScript and JSONs. Mock engine Examples in Angular.js and sinon.js. The technical and business aspects of separating frontend and backend - these are the topics I will cover. Mock your API and make your frontend truly independent!

JavaScript + Java = TypeScript

JavaScript is the most accessible platform of our times. Yet, it has many downsides, especially in terms of big scale applications, created by multiple developers. TypeScript is the solution. Being the new guy, it has already found its place among rivals such as CoffeeScript and ES6. TypeScript is the Angular2 language. It has bindings for lots of existing libraries. Some people, like me, would choose TypeScript for development of any new project. So why is that? In this talk I'll highlight the native-JS problems that TS solves and compare it to its rivals, CoffeeScript and ES6. I'll mention the similarities between TypeScript and Java. We'll see how do non-Frontenders see TypeScript. I'll share my experience of banking software development.