Everyone is hacking everything. Everything is vulnerable. Your site, your users, even you. Are you worried about this? You should be! Don't worry, I'm not trying to scare you (that much). We have plenty of safeguards against attempts on our applications' user data. We all (hopefully) recognise Two Factor Auth as one of those safeguards, but what actually goes on under the hood of 2FA? We'll take a look into generating one time passwords, implementing 2FA in web applications and the only real life compelling use case for QR codes. Together, we'll make the web a more secure place.

The web is getting pushy

The battle between native and web rages on. Browsers are fighting hard to tear down the benefits that native developers have relied on since the inception of mobile platforms. One of the greatest draws for native developers has been push notifications, for the web, emails just don't cut it. Enter the Service Worker. Born out of the struggle to make sites work offline it also brings push notifications to the web. We'll build an example app live and see how to implement the Service Worker to enhance the user experience with push notifications. The battle continues, but the web is pushing back.