Enter the IT world - join 4Developers 2016!


4Developers is the biggest technological festival in Poland! Every year it attracts many world-class specialists and IT enthusiasts.

Here you can profit from the vast knowledge of well-known experts, meet professionals in a relaxed atmosphere, make first business contacts at the Before Party and find a lot of entertainment!

Experience it on April 11th, 2016 in Warsaw!


IT is your passion or a way of life? Join us at 4Developers!


We’ve prepared lower prices for the students.


But that’s not all!


You can attend for free! You only have to:

  • Encourage 5 more people to join the event - tell your friends to register!

  • Help us at the festival as our Angel - choose a track and we’ll try to assign you to it!

  • Become our Ambassador: write on forums, social media and blogs, put up posters and invite your friends to the newsletter!


Make IT grow!


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